This Is How To Recreate This Saweetie Ponytail At Home

Saweetie in a sleek ponytail

We were checking out Saweetie’s Instagram recently and saw this amazing ponytail created by her stylist Davontae’ Washington and thought we would share some ways to recreate the same style at home.

Here are two versions of the style Davontae shared:


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A post shared by Davontae’ Washington (@iamdavontae)

And this one:


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A post shared by Davontae’ Washington (@iamdavontae)

We love sharing what we call “at-home versions” of high-end hairstyles because most of us do not have access to amazing celebrity stylists and we are all about creativity with regards to our hair.

Below we have a few styles that are similar to Saweetie’s look that you can use for inspiration.

Saweetie Ponytail tutorials

1. TheBrilliantBeauty

2. Simone Sharice
You can also try this version:

3. Farah V

4. Jewellianna Palencia

Tips for your hair


  1. Take care of your natural hair

If you plan to create a style that includes extensions always focus on the care of your actual hair first. Shampoo, condition, and moisturize your hair so that when you add the products to it they work effectively.

2. Keep your edges soft

Saweetie edgesUse edge control to keep the flyaways at bay but do not use too much. You want to keep the hair smooth but naturally smooth. When you use a head tie to set your edges it helps your hair to look as natural as possible.

3. Choose your extensions wisely

Saweetie extentionsDepending on how you choose to create your ponytail find hair that suits your style. Drawstring ponytails have come a long way, so the choices are endless. Take your time and pick the hair that works for you.

4. Do not keep your ponytail in forever

Saweetie long ponytailThese styles are meant for a quick ting. For those days you want to do something different, maybe for an event or pictures. They are not meant to stay in forever so just do your style take the pictures and then reset your natural hair.

What celebrity styles, have you tried lately? Comment below!

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