This Is How YouTuber Alissa Ashley Went From A Teeny Weeny Afro To A Bun In A Year


There have been a ton of blog posts and videos created around the subject of “hair growth” and “hair growth secrets” but it is always interesting to hear or watch the personal experience of another woman who may have similar goals to yours.

I have followed Alyssa Ashley for a minute now and a couple of days ago she posted a video about her hair growth and protective style journey. Alyssa started out with a pixie cut and then used protective styles to help grow her hair out.

Here is the video, take a look:

And this is what she shared on Twitter:

Its kind of safe to say that if you want to grow out your hair quickly or with a year you have to focus on protective styles.

Want some inspo? Here are 4 of my favorites from Alyssa’s Instagram!

This one:

This one:

And finally this one:

Are you on a growth journey? Comment below!


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