Lifestyle influencer and fitness enthusiast Makeba otherwise known as @ynotkeeb on Instagram merged her love for hair and fitness and created the PowerCrown, a wig specifically designed to be worn actively.

If you follow Makeba on Instagram then you know that she is a beast in the gym.

Often sharing her workouts with her audience, having folks in the gym trying stuff they have no business doing. (me, I am folks)

On her website Makeba shared her reason for creating the PowerCrown noting that she refused to compromise her healthy lifestyle because of her hair:

“As someone that doesn’t want to compromise a healthy lifestyle and adventure. Creating the PowerCrown was extremely personal to me.

I heard so many of my clients stay clear of the gym or pools because they felt stuck with their hair.

I was determined to create a solution.

So I merged my love for hair and fitness to bring you PowerCrown@mypowercrown, A wig designed for activewear!

Helping you eliminate excuses on your path to greatness.

As Black Women we battle with our hair and being active, the battle is over!

  • No more bonnets or head scarfs at the gym.
  • No more bulky wig + hat combos to workout.
  • No more wigs falling off while you jump in the pool.
  • No more avoiding water. Period.

When we first saw the promo we knew it would be a hit because so many of us are hitting the parks, and pools (indoors if it’s cold) to really focus on our health and wellness.

If this pandemic taught us anything, it’s that if you do not have your health, you pretty much don’t have anything.

The PowerCrown is available in six textures, curly straight, and everything in between.

and very secure, watch the promo below:

Details about the PowerCrown Wig

According to the website, the wig has a built-in satin-lined headband that protects your edges while giving you the freedom to really work hard without gels, glues, or any form of blending.

The cap also allows direct access to your scalp providing maximum breathability and is super lightweight, and has stretch.

The hair is 100% quality virgin hair that can be colored to suit your personal style and be revived after every wash. Check them out here!

Have you been working out during the pandemic? Comment below and let us know if this wig is something you would purchase as your ultimate activewear accessory!


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