This Makeup Mogul Made $1 Million Dollars In 90 Minutes From A Cyber Monday Sale


Nobody had a better Cyber Monday than makeup mogul Wuzzam Supa, otherwise known as @supa_cent on the gram. This woman literally made one million dollars in under 2 hours from a sale she ran today offering her customers 60% off of products from her popular makeup brand The Crayon Case.

Watch her reaction:

Literal tears:

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Then her family came by to celebrate:

You know what’s so amazing about her story, is that she built what she has from the ground up! She worked haaaardt and she is a genuine soul, never compromising being herself ever!

In her own words she said:
Big Facts! A b*tch busted tables and cleaned hotel rooms. Don’t tell me it’s not possible ?♥️????. Thank you

Congratulations queen. Shop The Crayon Case here.


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