This Nigerian Stylist Does Loose Twists For Her Clients To Help With Length Retention


If You are looking for an amazing protective style that literally guarantees length retention, hands down I recommend loose twists.

I first introduced loose twists here on the blog with this post but for the sake of quick explanation, it’s simply the installation of very loose two strand twists to your hair. The style keeps the fullness of your hair but “organizes” the length of your hair so that you retain more length.

Recently I came across a Nigeria stylist that does this pretty often for her clients and I thought that was pretty cool since I have not seen this service advertised a lot.

check out a few of her styles:

In some cases, @opaglamz will braid and create tighter twists or she will leave it loose from root to tip!

Blogger/model Cipriana Quann has been installing loose twists in her hair for years and her retention is A1.

If you look at her hair closely you will see small twists everywhere!

So if you are thinking about length retention check out stylist @opalglamz on Instagram!

Oh and do not forget to read this post as well!


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