This Satin Bonnet Is The Key To Super Moisturized Natural Hair


Guys, I found it! I found a bonnet that doesn’t fall off and that’s slouchy enough to keep my twists laying straight the way I like them! AAaand not only is it sturdy, but it’s also handmade using that “good good” material that won’t dry out my loose hair when I feel lazy.

Most of you already know that one of the major keys to maintaining breakage free hair is by covering it at night with a satin bonnet. With that in mind, naturally, we tend to collect satin line caps, not just because we like options but mostly because we are looking for that one cap or bonnet that is secure, versatile and stylish all wrapped up into one.

Personally, I love a slouchy bonnet or cap that I can mix and match for different moods and destinations. #Extra! I know! So when my stylist colleague introduced me to the Exclusive-B unisex Satin Lined Cap I was all over it. Exclusive B is hand made in the US using Charmeuse Satin, and looks like this:

Exclusive-B Satin Lined Caps

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According to the company, Exclusive B is a perfectly constructed, hand-crafted satin bonnet or cap that helps to keep your kinks and curls soft and moisturized, while also aiding in frizz-control!

As it is made with Charmeuse satin—a luxury a man-made fabric that has all the benefits of silk, but is more durable and does a much better job of reducing friction.

In addition to that, they’re elastic-free which makes them comfortable to sleep in and very durable. The best part? It’s adjustable, so it’ll fit any head size without slipping off in the middle of the night!

Special Features according to the brand:

      • Adjustable to any head size and secured with industrial velcro.
      • Made with Charmeuse satin to protect lock in moisture and eliminate frizz.
      • Special Foam Mesh Material in Band that gives Extreme Security and Comfort around the Perimeter of the head.
      • The only elastic present is 2in. In back to give extra adjusting to head shapes
      • Because it doesn’t have elastic around the perimeter it takes away the tension and indention issue that some people experience with other brands.
      • You don’t have to worry about it ever stretching out because of how its constructed
      • Will stay securely on your head when sleeping in it
      • Can be adjusted above or below the ears
      • It is Reversible unless you go with a winter fabric on one side like velvet.
      • Can be worn inside or outside very stylish.
      • Can be adjusted to wear it long or short in the top like a hat.
      • Great for working out the special fabric in the band will keep it secure and absorb the sweat away from your forehead.
      • Great for securing frontals and keeping them flat and smooth.
      • Great for braids,locs, extensions, weaves, natural twists and braids
      • Comes with a wash bag to protect your satin lined cap for many years to come.

    Exclusive-B Satin Lined Cap

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    Let’s talk about extensions

    The coolest thing about caps that are ‘slouchy’ or longer is the fact that they can protect your long protective styles reducing frizz. I do not know about you but if I pay upwards of a hundred for a style, “I’ma need that thing to last”

    The front of the bonnet is secure enough to keep the front of your protective style very neat:

    and the back is long enough to keep your box braids, twists or locs safe and frizz free:

    They are one of the most comfortable durable bonnets on the market. They also come in a variety of colors such as Blush, Galaxy Black, Royalty, and Candy Red which is really helpful for that girl who likes to switch things up.

    If you would like to purchase one of these handmade bonnets for yourself or a friend click here!

    If you want to support their kickstarter, feel free to click here as well!


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