This Twitter Thread About Acts Of Self Love Is Everything You Need To Hear Today


Writer and activist Jessicah Pierre dropped some gems on Twitter about practicing love languages on yourself and it was everything we needed to hear in this climate.

These days most of us are trying to find intentional ways to feel good daily because 2020 has been one of those years that’s not only trying for most of us but a time of reflection, reset, and gratitude.

Her tweets have been retweeted over 110 thousand times and liked over 300 thousand times with additional tweets acknowledging how important her thread is.

This is what she shared on Twitter.


I don’t know who needs to hear this but practice your love languages on yourself. (thread)

Give yourself a break

Acts of service: Give yourself a break and do something nice for yourself or clean your room/get organized.

Say nice things to yourself

Words of affirmation: Say nice things to yourself like, “I’m proud of you.” “You’re doing your best.” “You are so beautiful!”

Take yourself out on a date

Illustration by @nichollekobi

Quality Time: Take yourself out on a date. Pull out a journal and write a letter to your younger or future self. Meditate or do yoga.

Love your body

Physical Touch: Love your body and take your time moisturizing your skin every morning.

Get yourself gifts

Illustration by @nichollekobi

Gifts: I buy myself fresh flowers every week or buy yourself something you’ve always wanted.

Be intentional about acts of love to yourself

Illustration by @nichollekobi

In other words, don’t wait for someone else to offer you the love you want and deserve. Start being intentional and actionable about how you love yourself. It makes all the difference. 

What Twitter said:

So many Twitter users thanked Jessicah for the thread noting how much they needed it.

Thanks Queen:


already started:

We shared the thread on Instagram, and if you click through you will see some of the comments we garnered on the thread as well.


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What acts of self-love have you been practicing this year? Personally, I want to be more intentional about spending more quality time with myself. Here are 10 more acts of self-care every woman should practice. 

Share some of your acts of self-love and self-care below. Follow Jessicah on Twitter here.

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