This Wig Gives You An Effortlessly Natural Look With No Lace

Best wig with no lace

You may not have heard of the term thin part wig, but the concept is nothing new. Thin part wigs are a special cross between u-part wigs and the invisible-part sew-in method because not only do they allow you to cover up all your hair and still show your real hair part with no leave-out, but they also give you the option to leave-out your hairline for a more natural look.  

These wigs are ideal for amateur and experienced wig-wearers alike because the installation requires minimal effort; There’s no lace, glue, tape, or sewing involved.

In fact, they’re secured to your head via a series of strategically placed clips. And still, there’s no bulkiness or unnatural lumps because most of these wigs are weftless at the top or have super thin, seamless wefts that are flat and undetectable.

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How are thin part wigs different from u-part wigs?

The main difference between thin part and u-part wigs is that thin part wigs don’t require any leave-out to wear. If you do choose to wear a leave-out, however, you won’t need nearly as much hair for a seamless blend with the wig.

Additionally, u-part wigs are shaped like a “U” at the top whereas thin part wigs are just slim parting spaces that are 4 to 6 inches long and have a width that’s wide enough to show the real part in your hair.

Are there any benefits to wearing a thin part wig?

Yes! Because these wigs do not have lace, they don’t require any customization. This means that you don’t have to bleach any knots, glue down a wig cap, or pluck any hairlines or parts—you can part your hair, pull it back, throw the wig on, and go!

Thin part wigs are also more protective than other wigs with similar construction—such as half wigs and lace fronts—because you don’t have to manipulate your hair or hairline too much. 

Are there any drawbacks to wearing a thin part wig?

If you’re going to wear a thin part wig, you should at least have enough hair to part; Otherwise, the wig won’t give the “natural part” illusion that you’re looking for.

Additionally, most thin part wigs are secured with clips or combs which can cause breakage and hair loss if you’re not careful. This, however, is avoidable if you braid or twist your hair appropriately.

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