Would you try black girl sunscreen? I know I would! Summer is fast approaching which means most of us will be wearing less and enjoying the sun on most days. UV Rays are no joke and as such people of color need to practice wearing sunscreen daily.

There are studies that prove darker skin tones can often miss signs of skin damage and cancer until its too late. On top of that we do not have as many options for sunblock that work well with dark skin which is one of the reasons I loved this story.

Black Girl Sunscreen

According to Black Enterprise, Shontay Lundy founded Black Girl Sunscreen after becoming frustrated with the limited options for women with her skin tone. “[I started this company] because I am a woman of the sun and couldn’t find a sunscreen that would rub evenly into my complexion without leaving the tell-tale white residue,” Lundy told BLACK ENTERPRISE.

Black Girl SunscreenIn 2016, she launched the brand based out of Miami. She continued on to say that the mission for her brand is “to educate and empower women of color to protect and nurture their skin no matter what shade it comes in while making them feel good and look good while being protected in the sun.”

Since its launch, Lundy’s sunscreen can be found in local beauty supply stores and Target. She credits Ureeka, a platform that connects female and minority small business owners to peers, mentors, and coaches, for helping her start and expand her brand.

“Ureeka has helped me personally level-up, which in turn helps Black Girl Sunscreen level up. Most recently, I entered an investor-pitch competition and Ureeka helped me prepare for the conversations,” she explains.

“Before consulting Ureeka, I honestly didn’t know how to put together an investor deck or answer the ‘hard’ questions an investor may have. Within a couple weeks’ time, I had an investor deck put together, and was prepared to sit at the table with individuals that were ready to give capital so my business could get to the next level.”

Shonte made sure to have something for the kids too:

If you are interested in trying Black Girl Sunscreen, you can grab one at target or on her website here.



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