Latest Update! Tiffany Haddish Reaches Private Settlement Deal With Alleged Sexual Assault Victims

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It seems as if Tiffany Haddish would like to put this issue behind her, and according to reports from a news outlet, there might be an end in sight. Ms. Haddish has been under public scrutiny along with fellow comedian Aries Spears after being named in a lawsuit.

As we had reported earlier last month, two siblings using the pseudonyms John and Jane Doe sued Tiffany and Aries for alleged sexual assault. The two claimed their mother was friends with Haddish for most of their lives. In 2013, they said a then 14-year-old Jane and 7-year-old John starred in separate comedy skits that they claim were inappropriate.

One of the skits, Through A Pedophiles Eyes, resurfaced online and showed Aries portraying a pedophile as he lusted after seven-year-old John.

Both Ms. Haddish and Aries have spoken about the case, claiming it is nothing but a shakedown. The alleged victims have been demanding unspecified damages, and now, reports say a settlement has been reached.

According to the outlet, Tiffany and her accusers “have worked out a deal privately,” adding that they have also “blocked the public from seeing the original complaint.” It is said to have been Tiffany’s decision to take the matter to the federal court, where documents were sealed due to ‘numerous photos of seven-year-old John, in a compromising situation.’

However, it’s unclear how this deal will affect Mr. Aries, and neither Tiffany nor Spears have spoken about it at the time of this publication.

Here’s Tiffany’s initial statement about the lawsuit:



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