Today Show Host Sheinelle Jones Has Been Wearing Her Natural Hair On Air Lately And We Love It

sheinelle jones natural hair

For the last couple of days I noticed that Sheinelle Jones has been rocking her natural hair during the Today Show instead of her usual straight hair. Her hair has been semi blown out and pulled back in a low pony tail and when I saw it for the first time – I was like “ok Girl! that’s cute! Your hair is thick thick!”

Apparently Sheinelle actually did make a conscious decision to wear her natural curls and she made that known during an interview with Shonda Rhimes and making a statement during the show.

This is what she shared on Instagram:
Today was definitely a *first* in my career … taking a water bottle to my pony tail right before the show… and letting it go! 🙌🏾 It’s not something I’ll do everyday, but it’s important to embrace our natural hair. Most importantly for me, it’s the power of *choice.* Curly today, straight tomorrow, a puff, braids, twists, extensions, a fab wig, or if you want to cut it all off …. your hair is an expression of who you are. Let’s embrace all of our choices.

Sheinelle Jones debuted a new on-air hairstyle Wednesday, and she’s now sharing the story behind that mini makeover.

The Today Show posted on the her style as well, read below Via

The 3rd hour of TODAY host wore her hair pulled back in front with a low ponytail that showed off her natural curls and volume.

During the show, Sheinelle mentioned that her recent interview with Shonda Rhimes served as inspiration for the look. The TV titan had discussed the importance of the choices she makes for many of her black female characters, who wear their hair in a variety of styles, from smooth and sleek to completely natural curls and textures.

sheinelle jones natural hair

Rhimes said that it was about showing young girls that all these looks are equally lovely and equally appropriate for any situation — a message they don’t often hear in a world where many face discrimination in school and on the job for their natural hair.

In fact, Rhimes and Sheinelle bonded over conversations they’ve had with their own daughters on the topic.

“In solidarity, I’m wearing my hair natural today,” Sheinelle said. “You know, it’s true. After I talked about it, I thought about it. What are we telling our girls if we tell them that the way God made their hair isn’t OK?”

Twitter loved it too:

I totally agree, she looks amazing!


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