TODAY Show Stylist Deepica Mutyala Makes Things Right With An Awesome Video Educating Herself On Natural Hair


By now we have all heard about that viral TODAY show video involving stylist Deepica Mutyala and hair model Malyia where Deepica had an epic fail of a one minute style on Malyia’s hair.

Since then we have learned quite a bit about the stylist, for one she issued and apology about the blunder and vowed to make things right.

Here is the original video:

Then Deepica apologized here:
apology 1

Tonight Deepica took things up a notch she used the blunder to create a teachable moment for herself and anyone else who needs to learn a little bit about how natural hair works.

The video included herself, Malyia and a few other women (@therealkamie @tiarramonet @akilahh) who spoke a little bit about our natural hair challenges and gave Deepica a little bit of advice along the way.

That wasn’t all though! The women especially Malyia wanted sweet sweet revenge and Deepica took it like a champ!

The video was awesome, watch for yourself below:

Way to go ladies!


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