Toni Braxton With Blonde Hair Is Low Key A Vibe

Toni Braxton blonde hair

Recently Toni Braxton shared her signature cut in Blonde and we think it is such a vibe. On Instagram, Toni noted that Blondes have more fun, and we can’t say we disagree.

Her Caption:
They say blondes have more fun! I’ll let you know after Thanksgiving! Wishing you and your family a healthy and happy Holiday!


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Toni Braxton’s stylist is Greg Gilmore who we have followed for ages had an exclusive interview with Hollywood Life, he shared how he achieved Toni Braxton’s soft ash blonde look.

Read below via Hollywood Life:
Greg, who created Toni’s soft ash blonde pixie look that she debuted on Thanksgiving Day in the post below, talked about the biggest mistake women make when caring for their hair and advised how they can fix it, in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife.

“One of the biggest mistakes is using too much heat,” Greg EXCLUSIVELY revealed. “Sometimes, women feel that they can curl their hair every single day.

Especially when they have color-treated hair they think it’s OK to use heat to make it look perfect every single day. But that is a misconception and sometimes you have to be creative with how you’re going to manipulate the hair.”

“Of course it’s different for everybody because everyone has different textures,” he continued. “If you have to use heat every day to maintain a certain style, you should use temperatures that are lower than 410 degrees and if you can help it try to do it every third day.”

Greg also revealed the different ways women with long hair and short hair can best care for their locks when they want to curl them.

Toni Braxton rocking blonde hair

“You can use hot rollers if you have longer hair. If your hair is shorter then you have to do pin curls,” he said. “You can pin curl your hair at night, put a scarf around it and then in the morning you can take the pin curls down and it’s set for however many hours that you slept.”

“So that’s pretty good to last you throughout the day,” he added. “If your hair has a lot of weight then you’re going to have to use hot rollers in the morning because the weight is going to make your curls fall quicker.”

In addition to using heat and curling hair, Greg advised how many times per week hair should be washed. “I would recommend every three days,” he shared.

“Textured hair tends to be drier and so I think over-shampooing it is what really messes some people up because they’re drying their hair out by stripping it of its natural oils all the time.”

Greg shared Toni’s look a week ago with the following caption:
Soft Ash Blonde Pixie “ on My Boo @tonibraxton Kept this on the low for a sec but so happy I can finally reveal it. Patience is definitely a virtue!

Not every day you have the opportunity to create a whole new look for a Living Legend, but look at God! Shining all on this picture! Thank you ????So grateful! This is Toni’s first-time Blonde and I’m so happy she allowed me to do it for her. Many things to be grateful for ??


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Toni looks great, and Greg, …well, he never disappoints!

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