The Top 4 Basic Oils You Should Buy For Your Hair

top four oils for hair

What oils you should have in your arsenal is always a hot topic amongst new naturals or naturals who have decided to venture on a healthy hair journey.

I remember when I just started out I felt a bit overwhelmed with all the types of oils that I would hear women bragging about and how effective said oil was for their hair.

I literally would spend so much money finding the purest and most exotic oil to try only to use one or two drops because I did not want to run back to the store to spend my other arm and my other leg.

Over the years I have pretty much settled on the oils that I think would keep my hair healthy and that did not pop the budget. But this just isn’t about me, I firmly believe in smart hair care, this means that you should tailor products including oils based on your goals and your hair’s needs.

This means if you suffer from dry scalp or dandruff you might want to include an oil into you mix that specifically targets that. Or if you are focused on growth then there are certain oils that stimulate the scalp and can help with that as well.

With that said here are my top four recommendations including some catch all oils that will help with growth and scalp issues.

1. Coconut oil

Not everyone likes coconut oil because it can actually make your hair hard and dry especially if you have low porosity hair. You have to know how to use it, a hot oil treatment is my favourite way to incorporate this oil because it is amazing with almost any hair ailment you might have.

Hair growth, scalp health, fungus, lice, hair health, hair strength, the list goes on and on hence the reason most naturals will have this oil close by.

2. Grapeseed oil

I love this oil because it serves as a heat protectant if you use heat on your hair and it is amazing for scalp health. It also aids in hair growth because it keeps the hair follicles healthy. It is a light oil and it is amazing in oil mixes or shea butter mixes if you like making shea butter.

3. Olive oil

Olive oil is easily accessible and inexpensive so it had to make the list. For deep conditioning, like grapeseed oil it helps your hair to retain moisture and is a perfect additive for any of your DIY deep conditioning concoctions.

Do you have dandruff or dry scalp? This is the oil to have in your cabinet, so go get some!

4. Jojoba oil

Another light oil that you cannot go wrong with and here is why. Your scalp naturally creates its own oil called sebum and jojoba oil is the closest oil to what your scalp naturally produces.

This means you can apply it to your scalp without any worries, you can expect it to keep your hair follicles healthy and it isn’t bad on the wallet.

If you want to get fancy and add a few growth aids to your oils stash definitely try peppermint oil because it is number one when trying to accelerate growth (always mix it with another oil, that stuff is potent).

Recently I tried the Alikay Naturals Essential 17 Hair Growth Oil and honestly I love it. I tend to not buy oil mixes much but I wanted to support the brand and I love all of their stuff anyway so why not mention it.

Oh and just a note on purchasing your oils, do not go to the grocery store and pick up just anything that says “peppermint oil’ on it. Either head to amazon and purchase the purest version of the oil or go to your local health food store. Read your labels and you should be fine!

What is your favourite oil to use?


    • You can certainly do that Angela, I am sure that oil mix would be amazing for your hair. Add a few drops of the peppermint oil and you will have something very powerful on your hands!

  1. Thank you so much for putting the links to purchase these items. Very helpful. What other inexpensive brand of peppermint oil will be good to purchase? That particular brand is unavailable. Also if I were to purchase in store what do I look for?

    • Hi Janay, ummm I do now know where you live but if you have a Vitamin Shoppe near you they have great peppermint oil brands there. The only ones I do not like are the ones at Walmart because they aren’t the purest.

      Or if you have a health food store you can *probably* find great brands that are less expensive. Check this weekend, let me know 🙂


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