Traffic Anchor Demetria Obilor Invited Her 4-Yr Old Mini Me To The Station To Celebrate Natural Hair


If you live in North Texas then you probably know traffic anchor Demetria Obilor for WFAA-TV. Demetria is known for her gorgeous natural hair and rocking it while on air but little did she know that when she wakes up to do the traffic there is another little girl who wakes up just as early to see her do it.

According to the Huffington Post:

On Thursday, Obilor invited her “mini-me,” 4-year-old Karsyn, to join her on the set of her “News 8 Daybreak” morning broadcast so they could celebrate their natural hair together.

“Growing up, I didn’t see any news anchors with curly hair or natural hair or even braids,” Obilor said during a Facebook live segment for WFAA-TV. That’s why she understands that for Karsyn, seeing a woman rock natural hair on television is “a big deal.”

The 4-year-old’s story first came to light on Sunday when her mom, Tiffany Jones, posted on Twitter about how the child would watch Obilor on television and say, “Mommy … look, my hair is like Demetria Obilor from TV.”

Photos of Karsyn’s beauty and self-assurance touched Obilor. A few days later, the mother and daughter joined the traffic anchor on television for a special segment.

Karsyn, who was full of energy, helped deliver the traffic report for Thursday morning right next to her role model.

Later on, Karsyn and her mother joined Obilor for a Facebook live session to chat about how to care for natural hair and how important it is for little girls to see themselves represented on television.

“Representation … in society is just so important for us,” Jones said on the segment. “I want her to see other people in the media that look just like her and for her to just rock it and be proud and embrace it.”

On Thursday, Obilor emphasized that it is crucial to make sure young black girls are encouraged to feel positive about themselves. She was struck by Karsyn’s confidence.

“She’s such a confident girl, and that’s so important to instill at such a young age,” Obilor said.

Jones said that even though it’s a “struggle on a daily basis” to take care of her daughter’s natural hair, Karsyn doesn’t want to do anything different with her hair.

“She loves [her natural hair] because she likes to shake it,” the mom said, laughing as the little girl demonstrated by waving her head side to side.

“We tell her to be herself. Do not let anybody put you in a bubble, you do whatever your heart desires,” Jones said.

She is so darn cute!!!


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