Trends We Need To Ditch In 2017 (2016 Roast)

Jackie Aina

I swear I live for beauty guru Jackie Aina’s yearly roast of beauty/fashion trends that need to die in the year that we are leaving and let me tell you she outdid herself this year.

According to her video she put the question out there to her followers for ideas on trends that need to go in 2017 and they came up through with some savage responses. I swear I agree with every one of them.

Watch below:


What trends do you want to see go in 2017?

Mine are

1. Too many added “thing a ma gigs” to the nails – diamonds, pearls, flowers, water, fish –stop it!
2. Fake butts
3. Fake lips
4. Writing “Who cares” in the comment section when you cared enough to comment which is worse than claiming to ‘not care” — scroll baby .. scroll
5. the word “BAE”
6. Black men perpetuating black women stereotypes on social media, knowing damn well they just trying to sell the fact that they cannot sing– yea I said it!
7. Overusing SnapChat filters… LORD
8. Sharing negative sh*t

Ok your turn.. GO!


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