Trey Songz Denies Dylan Gonzalez Rape Allegations, Considering Legal Action


Artist and former basketball player Dylan Gonzalez took to Instagram Tuesday sharing more details about her Trey Songz rape accusation.

If you remember, we shared Dylan’s tweet calling Trey a rapist.

She said:

This week she went on to share that she feels forced to share and relive in her mind her own suppressed horror with Trey Songz.

She said that she was raped at a well-known Las Vegas Hotel and she went on to send her love to other victims.

See below:

TMZ is reporting that Trey Songz is denying allegations he raped a woman in a Sin City hotel and that his team is confident that he will be exonerated after the legal process plays out.

“Trey and his team are confident in the legal process and that there will be an abundance of exonerating information to come over the next few weeks.”

Dylan’s legal team, attorneys Ariel Mitchell and George Vrabeck, tell TMZ … they will consider pursuing any and all legal avenues and will take action in the next few weeks, with plans for filing a civil suit.

They did not mention anything about filing a police report or criminal charges. Trey is already being investigated for a separate alleged sexual assault in Vegas.



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