The Truth About Your Diet, and How it Affects Your Hair Growth


I used to think that my diet had nothing to do with the growth of my hair. However after changing my lifestyle and seeing the difference in my hair I know my diet is one of the biggest factors impacting my growth rate.

Hair is composed mostly of protein and also needs vitamins and minerals to grow. These nutrients are taken directly from the food that you eat. If your diet is deficient in any minerals and vitamins it’s your hair (and nails) that will suffer the most. Your body has to prioritise where its resources go and typically hair (and nails) are very low down in your body’s list of priorities.

Your body will give the nutrients and minerals available to your organs first and to vital body functions like maintaining a heart beat, digestion and so on before hair and nails get a look in.

You should be sure to include the following proteins and vitamins in your diet for maximum hair growth and health: Iron, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, and Vitamin D.

Many times, we think that simply taking a supplement or “hair growth” pill will make up for lacking a vitamin rich diet, and that is a myth. However, those vitamins can be used as supplements to make up for deficiencies, but they should never be used as replacements.

Also, if you’re on a diet and lose a lot of weight over a short period of time you may incur increased rates of hair loss. When your weight stabilizes this hair should grow back.

You should keep this in mind the whenever you’re considering any type of drastic weight loss regimen. If you are dieting,  it’s important to choose the most nutritious foods within your calorie allowance to ensure you’re getting the vitamins you need.

Your diet, and what you put into your body does count, and it does affect your hair growth!

Featured image – @Sophia_roe


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