Try Bamboo Leaf Tea For Hair Growth And Health

Halle Berry

As most of you know I grew up in the Caribbean and on my grandfather’s land on my dad’s side there was and still is a ton of Bamboo plants.

We had so much Bamboo that we did not give the plant a second thought as it was so much a part of our everyday lives we took it for granted. With that said apart from the fact that the plant was beautiful and made great toys, I did not study it for its health benefits until later in life.

Thinking back I must admit that there is one place that I did love immensely as a little girl, it was called Bamboo Avenue. “Bamboo Avenue” is a road in Jamaica that literally had a canopy of Bamboos over the road:

bamboo avenue

The road was magical by day because it was like driving through a cave made solely of plants. By night it was extra special because it was super dark and the only light you would get would be from lighting bugs. Imagine driving though there in the back of a pickup truck at night with all these glowing bugs everywhere? It was the most beautiful and scariest thing ever.

The Bamboo plant grows at an astronomical pace and can be so dense and so strong that it bends which is what caused the canopy on the road I just mentioned.

So what does all this have to do with hair?

Now in my adult years, I am looking at the plant through a different lens and one thing I did not know about it is that it has the highest amount of silica of any plant on the planet. Up to 70% to be exact.

The silica in the bamboo plant responsible for its growth and development is also essential for our healthy hair skin and nails.

The benefits of silica for your hair is pretty extensive and makes it almost imperative that you get it in whenever you can.

It adds shine to hair
It increases hair growth
It prevents thinning
It prevents hair loss
It promotes healthy follicles
It restores your hair making it healthy

How to get bamboo into your diet

Clearly looking at the plant you might wonder how can you get this amazing plant into your diet? Bamboo leaf tea is the most popular way to consume bamboo and it is the best way to get your daily dose of silica.

Another awesome way to get it in is through bamboo shoots which are very popular in many Asian dishes. They taste bland by themselves but mixed in with a dish they are amazing.

Additionally, you can get bamboo through supplementation, which might be quick and easy for some. (Consult your doctor before taking any supplement.)

Product lines with bamboo extract:
Alterna Bamboo Line
Nubian Heritage Grow & Strengthen Line
Carol’s Daughter Monoi Line

I encourage you after reading this to do your own research on Bamboo tea and Bamboo extract to see if it is something that will suit your lifestyle.

Please note that drinking the tea will not guarantee overnight hair growth but consistent use can be very beneficial to your hair and body.

If you are interested in getting a 30 day supply of the tea, click here.


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