Try The Horseshoe Method For The Best Flexirod Set Ever


2 weeks ago I randomly picked up a brand new set of flexi rods and at the time I did not even know why I thought it was necessary to add to my growing collection, but I figured it would come to me.

Well within a few days of getting them I discovered “The Horseshoe Method” and girl let me tell you if you want curls that are even from root to tip, this method is everything!!

The method was created by Robyn, who is also affectionately known on youTube and other social platforms as “CurlDaze”. She is the girl with the hair to die for and honestly her styles are everything, super neat, and always flawless.

What is the Horseshoe Method?

If you are like me or any beginner who uses flexi rods you probably never use the entire rod for each section of hair and you probably use close to a 1000 flexis for each set which is enough for a headache.

Following this method you use the entire rod, your hair is uniformed and get this…. you use fewer rods for your set. This means less time spent setting your hair and that is enough to get anyone excited.

Here is the thing, Robyn can explain the method better than I can plus you get to see a live demo so press play and get your flexi rod life!

Here are the products used:
tgin Moist Collection- Sample Pack for Natural Hair – Use the sample pack if you want to just try the products.

Let me know below if you have tried the style?


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