Try This Anti-Shrinkage Night Time Hair Routine


Losing the fight against shrinkage? Here’s a great go-to anti-shrinkage night time hair routine that’ll give you healthy, soft, and lustrous stretched hair all day long!

Moisturize and Seal As Usual

No matter what your long-term or immediate hair goals are, they all start with moisturizing and sealing. When you’re working against shrinkage, your best bet is to use oils, butters, and creams because that won’t weigh your hair down because heavier, intensive products tend to make your hair look limp and lifeless after it completely dries.

Start The Banding Method!

To dry, or not to dry, that is typically the most difficult question to answer when getting ready to do the banding method. If you’re banding your hair because you want a stretched wash and go look, it’s best to do the method while your hair is wet so that the curl definition stays intact while still giving you some extra length.

If you want the maximum amount of length you can get without heat, allow your hair to dry and brush your curls out as much as you can before you begin banding.

In The Morning…

You’re ready to undo your bands and enjoy your beautifully stretched hair! As soon as you unwrap your elastic bands, you may begin working your hair into your desired style for the day.

After a night of nourishing and nurturing your curls, you’re left with a gorgeous, healthy head of stretched hair that’ll last you all day long!

Bonus if you decide to stretch your hair with string:


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