Try This DIY Aloe Vera Leave In To Grow Long, Healthy Hair

Aloe Vera

When it comes to finding pure, organic, all-natural products that will work on all hair textures and types, the natural hair community doesn’t miss a beat. Truth be told, the movement has been going especially strong for the last 10 years and it feels like there isn’t an oil, gel, or butter we haven’t already tried or discovered.

But sometimes, it doesn’t matter what new products come out because the tried and true basics get the job done every time. Some of us can’t let go of coconut oil, while others have found that there’s nothing like shea butter, but for me? Aloe Vera is truly THAT girl. Nothing has kept my hair healthy, lustrous, and growing quite like aloe-based products and recipes. In fact, there is one recipe that I absolutely swear by. If you’ve been looking for something to keep your hair healthy all while helping it grow, try this easy, 4-step DIY aloe vera leave-in recipe below.

You Will Need:

Aloe Vera (Juice and/or Gel)
Black Castor Oil
Peppermint Oil
Amla Oil
Shea Butter (Optional)
8 oz. Spray Bottle


  • The first thing you need to do is decide if you want to use organic, whole-leaf aloe vera juice or 100% clear aloe vera gel. Both options are perfectly safe for your hair. The only difference is that the gel will give you a thicker consistency, while the juice will create a thinner blend. You may even use both if you want something thicker that will still work in a spray bottle.
  • Take your 8 oz spray bottle and fill it with 5 oz of your aloe vera. If you’re using pure aloe vera straight from the leaf, make sure you blend and strain it first.
  • Add equal parts black castor oil, amla oil, and peppermint oil into the bottle. Correctly place and tighten the top and then shake well.
  • Section off your hair before applying the aloe vera blend. You can detangle beforehand or you can detangle using the mixture. Either way, you choose to do it, make sure you spray from root to tip and thoroughly work the blend into your strands.
  • As an option, you may use shea butter to seal up your hair and then twist or braid it down. If you’re going to bed, cover it completely. If not, allow your hair to mostly dry before styling.

Quick Tips: 

  • It’s absolutely safe to use this on your hair multiple times a week.
  • Store up to 2.5 weeks in a cool area in your home and then make a fresh mix.
  • You can apply it to wet or dry hair.
  • Works best on clean hair.
  • Best used for wash and gos, as well as twists and twist outs.


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