Try My As I Am Wash And Go For Hydrated Curls That Will Last All Week Long


Technically wash and go season is during the Summer months but because it has been abnormally warm most of us have started the process early. Wash and go’s for me were a staple for a long time especially early in my hair journey because my hair was shorter and it took less time.

In later years I attempted to walk away from wash and gos completely but then the Texas Summer would come along with all its glory and teach me that walking away was not an option.

If you are in the mood to wash and go and you need a regimen I wanted to share my fool-proof As I Am wash and go combination and routine that gives my hair maximum hydration, definition and movement.

Here is what you will need

As I Am Clarity Shampoo or As I Am Coconut Co-Wash
As I am Conditioner
As I Am Hydration Elation Deep Conditioner
As I am Leave In Conditioner
As I Am Moisture Milk
As I Am Coil Defining Jelly for light hold

Before we get into the steps here are 3 very important things you need to know in order to have successful wash and go results.

Always start with freshly washed hair

Without a doubt, you will get the best results from your wash and go when your hair and scalp is clean. You can co-wash or you can use the Clarity shampoo to ensure that your hair and scalp is free of buildup, old product, and dirt.

Hydrate your curls so the style can last

One of the things I learned early was if I gave my hair everything it needed to remain moisturized I could extend the style for more than two days. This meant that deep conditioning was essential and using products that helped with hydration was a top priority.

Stick with a solid night time routine

What you do with your hair at night will 100% determine what it looks like in the morning and how long your style lasts overall. For a wash and go it is important that you avoid excessive manipulation and you sleep on a satin pillow case as well as use satin bonnet for extra protection.

Now that we have that all out of the way here is what you need to do to get the best wash and go ever.

1. Section your hair

I always recommend that you work in sections when doing a wash and go or any style for that matter because it is easier to get the product on your hair, and it easier to detangle your hair when the time comes. Section your hair into 4-6 sections securing each with duck bill clips.

2. Shampoo, condition and deep condition

As mentioned before you want to start with a clean canvas so grab your Curl Clarity Shampoo or Coconut Cowash and shampoo each section until clean. Add your As I Am detangling conditioner to each section and take the opportunity to detangle the section completely with a wide tooth comb. Rinse the conditioner out and move on to deep conditioning using your As I Am Hello Hydration deep conditioner.

3. Moisturize and style

Once you have washed out your deep conditioner it is time to further hydrate and define your curls. Working in sections use your As I Am leave in conditioner from root to tip and then follow up with the As I Am Moisture Milk.

Personally, I have found that using the Moisture milk as a sealant before adding the jelly keeps my hair super hydrated. You can call it my secret sauce if you would like, but doing this combination has not failed me once!

Once you have added the leave in and the milk then define your curls using the As I Am Coil Defining Jelly. The Jelly will define your curls with a light hold that will ensure that your hair has movement once it dries.

Use a diffuser to dry your curls quickly or you can air dry! My wash and go typically lasts for a solid 5 days all things being equal but I know that everybody’s hair is different and at the end of the day you have to determine the best time frame for you. If you do decide to try this  As I Am wash and go come back and tell me how it worked for you!

This post sponsored by As I Am Naturally All opinions are my own and based on my own experiences.


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