From ‘Tweet’ To Real Life – Rihanna And Lupita Nyongo To Star In A Scammer Flick Written By Issa Rae And Directed By Ava DuVernay


It was just a normal day on Twitter and the above picture found its way amongst the millions of hashtags for comments and meme making. It was the month of April and someone tweeted:

The tweet was retweeted thousands of times as people nodded in agreement until finally, it caught the eyes of Lupita who notified Rihanna.

Lupita said:

Then Riri responded:

Now that we have the main characters we needed a gorgeous talented director and nobody could think of anybody else other than Ava DuVernay.

She responded:

Then Issa was roped in:

Of course, now that all the players are in place the production is actually happening according to Entertainment Weekly the scammer story was in a huge bidding Netflix won!

Issa is already writing the script and the film is to go into production in 2018. You just never know!


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