Twinning! – This Texas Teacher Wears The Same Style As Her Pre-K Student To Show Her How Much She Loved Her Hair

Leigh Bishop

Meet August and her teacher Leigh Bishop! August attends a pre-kindergarten school in Sugarland Texas and she went to school one day with a gorgeous braid up that was probably in for the week.

It wasn’t explicitly stated that August was uncomfortable with her hair but her teacher Leigh decided to encourage her a bit and announced: “Don’t be mad at me when I come to school with my hair JUST like that tomorrow…”

According to Leigh August did not believe her and rolled her eyes at her teachers attempt to compliment her. Well, Leigh was not kidding and the next day she met August in class with the exact rendition of her style.

Leigh captured the twining moment with a side-by-side photo of herself and little August and posted it to facebook just to show her core following how cute and adorable both of them were. The picture has since gone viral!

“She was soooo tickled the whole afternoon!! It was the cutest thing,” Bishop said in the comments of her viral Facebook post. “Any chance I get to make a student feel whole & important, I TAKE IT!! (Plus I REALLY loved her hair).”

Check out the full story below:

Representation matters! — They are so cute too!


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