Twitter Debates – WWYD? If Trey Songz Pulled Your Girl On Stage Vs If Rihanna Pulled Your Guy On Stage

Trey songz and rihanna

For the past week or so while Trey Songz has been on tour there have been a number of videos that have surfaced where he brings a random girl from the audience on stage for a sexy interaction. Each interaction is pretty much the same, he does his thing, she does her thing and he lifts her up and brings her backstage.

The whole thing has been so hyped the guys on Twitter are calling Trey #mrstealyourgirl and have been tweeting about how they would feel if their girl not only attended a Trey Songz concert but how they what they would do if said lady was called on stage.

If you do not know what I am talking about watch below:

On Twitter, it is hard to determine who is being real and what is just rhetorical conversation but taking the stance that this is a real feeling, notice what the Twitter user said! He said he would break up with his girl if Trey called her on stage and she did all of that.

Watching the video, if I were a guy, I probably would have as well! Most of the guys shared similar sentiments, from downright fear to “ain’t no way my girl is is going to a Tremaine concert alone”

Fast forward to today, Twitter flipped the script asking the girls how would they feel if Rihanna brought their man on stage for a little private dancing.

The reaction was much different (again this might just be for fun)

The responses were mostly in the form of encouragement:

As hilarious as this all is if we were to play devil’s advocate, why are the responses so different? Are men just more territorial than women are? If you were to apply science you might find that generally, men are pretty territorial and more competitive even more so than the average women who might appear very protective of her mate.

Many do argue though that it depends on the person and the situation, women have been found to be extremely territorial in many scenarios when it comes to family, their home and the immediate things that mean a lot to them.

I like to believe that even though science has proven that men are generally more territorial we all are at some point as well.

At the end of the day how this all plays out on Twitter is pretty entertaining and worth the debate if you are bored at work!

My question is, for fun what would you do? Girls! Would you be upset if Rihanna pulled your guy on stage and if you are a guy, would you be upset if your girl gets pulled on stage by Trey Songz?

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