Twitter Is Loving Kamala Harris’s Hair – “I Can Smell The Flat Irons From Here”


By now most of us are aware that there is no way we can watch a political debate without checking Twitter. Most of us are listening to the debate but Twitter users are commenting on Kamala Harris’s hair.

Read the thread below:

Then they started guessing which product lead to such gorgeous results:

Someone said it was Design Essentials:

Or Hawaiian Silky:

This user said her hair was laid like world peace:

Someone brought out the hot comb:


and then there is this one:

Someone speculated that her line sisters got her together:

Then there was this:

Are we still using Luster Pink on our presses?

Luster Pink is a popular guess

Not the Bayaaang?

The Bayaang:

and then:

Her lip gloss wasnt off limit either:

Twitter is always hilarious during these very important events, my reaction? Exactly this:

Are you watching? Comment below and let me know what you think so far.



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