Two Eyebrow Tutorials for Struggle Brows And Three Eyebrow Growth Tips


Have you noticed that as you get older things start to thin where you want them thick and get thick where you want them thin? Or is that just me? These days I never miss a great eyebrow tutorial because I need all the tips I can get with regards to fixing my struggle brows when they decide to misbehave and improving the thickness and quality of my brows overall.

My Eyebrows are naturally thick but as I have gotten older I have noticed that they have been thinning a bit for some odd reason. Right now things aren’t too serious but I know things can change overnight so I do pay close attention to them making sure they are a solid part of my beauty routine at night.

If you have struggle brows like me you might want to work on them naturally using oils like vitamin E oils or castor oil, but while you are doing that there are some great tutorials on youtube that can help you create a very natural look using makeup.

In the below video Alyssa describes her brows as #strugglebrows but she created a tutorial that was so simple, it was a must share! Watch:

And while you are at it, watch this one too!

Let’s talk about brow growth

As I mentioned above, I never leave my brows out of my nighttime beauty routine because at that time I can really focus on them and not rush my process. Here are a few tips you can use to help with brow growth, not all of them will work for everyone but they are great none the less!

1. Go to bed greasy


I am going to elaborate on this in another post specifically geared towards skin but I use Vitamin E oil every night on my face, including my brows, and lashes. The oil is great for dark marks on my skin but the amino acids condition the roots of the brows making them thicker and darker. Oh and I use the capsules for my brows and pure vitamin E oil in the bottle on my face.

2. Try Castor oil

Castor oil does not work for everyone but its worth a shot. I read this snip on another site while doing my own research about how it helps brow growth and why women swear by it!

Read below:

You’ll find that a lot of aspiring Caras swear by castor oil, and London-based brow expert Suman Jalaf agrees, with one caveat: It just doesn’t work for everyone.

There is a school of thought that the ricinoleic acid found in castor oil can increase production of something called prostaglandin, which spurs hair growth. That said, more studies are needed to confirm whether the science is actually that straightforward.

“The results won’t be instant and will vary from person to person,” Jalaf says of the castor-oil approach. “Try a high-strength one like Pukka’s and use it every evening if you want a home remedy.” Based on reviews, RapidLash’s RapidBrow is also worth a try; it’s rich in biotin and keratin, both of which are essential for the growth of healthy hair and nails.

3. Try Microblading

I have not tried this yet, but I want to! This is perfect for the girl who needs instant gratification! According to brow expert Suman Jalaf – “Microblading is a type of eyebrow architecture, the next generation of brow tattooing,” Jalaf explains. “It’s all about creating the best shape for the face — a totally bespoke approach for each client.” If you want to try microblading or know someone who would like to, check out Girlz Ink microblading supplies online to find the best product supplies!

She uses a super-precise tool that’s effectively like a pen, but the nib is a sloped blade with little needles at the end that don’t penetrate the skin, only delicately scratching the surface. “The needle very softly lays featherweight strokes with medical-grade pigment on the skin, creating fine, realistic, natural-looking hair strokes,” Jalaf says.

How are your brows? Are your struggling or are you a pro? Comment below and let me know!


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