Two Protective Style Options For Women With Long Natural Hair With @curlyhairfetish19


If you have long natural hair and you are looking for some style options that are cute but that will also keep your hair out of the way then you have come to the right place.

I follow Curlyhairfetish19 on Instagram and she often posts snips of her protective styles which are super helpful for people like me who prefer to have their hair out of the way.

My hair is not as long as hers is by any means but I live for simple styles. The first video is a cute twisted bun protective style that is great for any week that you need a break from your hair.

Check it out:

The second tutorial is a little bit more involved but still easy and still long term! In the below video Toni details her entire wash day from start to finish then does the style towards the end.

Check it out:

This style is definitely better on blow dried hair especially if you have trouble braiding like I am. What do your weekly protective styles look like?


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