Two Really Cute Bun Styles With @Mrshairtoday


Maaaan listen, back in the day a natural hair bun was my go-to style for every single occasion! It was so bad that my family would actually get upset with me because they were tired of seeing my hair in one style.

Fast forward to today, I still love a great bun but I have invested more time into doing different styles as well as protective styling for the sake of my edges. (Beleive it or not consistent buns can wear out your edges over time, so be careful)

My personal preference for buns was and still is to do it with my own hair and not added hair and chances are there are a few of you out there who prefer that as well.

With that said @mrshairtoday posted two great bun hair style videos to her Instagram that I really loved because they give you some options on how you can use your own hair to add some flair to your #bunlife.

Before we get into the videos here are two styling tips that can help you form the perfect bun.

1. It helps if your hair is detangled

Your hair does not have to be 100% detangled but in order to get that smooth look especially in the crown area, stretched detangled hair is best.

2. Apply the gel to your edges and smooth in

It is easier to apply the gel or your chosen styling product to your edges and then use your brush to brush the product and smooth your edges, crown and nape area. After you have finished the bun then you can add more styling product to your edges to further smooth your hair.

Now let’s get into these videos, shall we?

style 1

style 2

Cute right? Comment below if you are about that #bunlife!


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