Two Really Cute Styles Done By Stylist Janel Sealy Smith Of Cocoamane Salon


So you all probably already know that I love featuring amazing stylists on the blog and one of my faves just happens to be celebrity stylist Janel Sealy Smith of the Cocoamane salon. I met Janel a year ago because I shared a really cute video she did on Instagram and it went viral.

Last weekend we had a go live scheduled and I was sooo excited to see it happen but of course Facebook started acting up and it didn’t happen as planned, womp womp! (Not to worry though, we are trying to get it rescheduled to this weekend so stay tuned).

With that said I wanted to share two of her latest clips of styles she did last week. The first video is what we should have featured in our go Live and the second is a video she did for Outre.

Check them out:

Video 1:

Video 2 – Outre

Dope right? – Please stay tuned for our GoLive, Janel is an excellent teacher and a great personality I cannot wait to introduce her to all!


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