Two Styles! – How To Create A Sexy Top Knot Bun And An Illusion Side Ponytail


Most of us at some point in our hair journey will go through a period of just rocking buns and ponytails because of how sexy, convenient and simple these staple styles are.

Recently Curldaze posted the sexiest top knot bun tutorial and then she posted another video demonstrating the cutest illusion ponytail ever. I figure since I would be posting at least one of the styles I might as well show you both!

The Top Knot

What you will need:

Paul Mitchell Conditioner
Krystal Eco Styler Gel
A boar bristle brush
A hair tie

To get the best top knot you want to start out on clean hair that is damp but not soaking wet. Using your brush smooth the top back and sides of the hair creating a high ponytail.

When your hair is smooth secure your ponytail with a hair tie ensuring that your hair is secure but not too tight.

Use gel to smooth the back and crown of your hair so that there are not flyaways. The key to this style is a neatly styled hairline as well as the bun.

Separate the ponytail into two sections making gigantic two strand twists in each section. Wrap one twist to the left and secure with a bobby pin. Wrap the other section to the left angling it on top of the first twist and secure that with a bobby pin. The result should be a super tall, sophisticated top knot bun.

Oh and do not forget to grab a toothbrush and style those edges to your liking!

If that description was helpful but you need a visual, check out Curldaze as she demonstrates just how she made hers:

The Illusion Ponytail

For this style she used jumbo flexi rods and Kurlee Belle Products:

Jumbo Flexi Rods

Kurlee Belle Defining Cream

Kurlee Belle Styling Gel

The key to this style is the same as the bun, start off with freshly washed hair so that your products can have a chance to do what they are designed to do.

Section the hair in medium size sections, apply your moisturizer cream and gel then wrap the section around the jumbo roller to create a cute curl. (It helps to twist the hair down a bit before adding the roller) Allow the hair to dry and then start to mold your hair into the illusion ponytail.

Watch the video to see how to create the ponytail:

I absolutely love both styles, which was your fave or did you love them both as well?



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