Tyra Banks Said She Asked Her Stylists To Give Her Saweetie Baby Hair But They May Have Missed The Mark


Tyra Banks is hosting season 30 of the hit show Dancing With The Stars and before her stage debut, she shared with her audience that she asked her glam team to channel Saweetie baby hair’s for one of her looks.

Saweetie called herself “the baby hair princess” when she did her partnership with KISS Edge Fixer a few months ago and we suspect that is probably what Tyra was thinking about when she asked her glam team to make it happen.

Watch below:


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While Saweetie’s baby hair might be a thing, we do not think that Tyra’s people quite understood the assignment. 

These days Saweetie tends to go for a softer look, for most of her glam shots.

Similar to this:

VS really harsh lines.

Tyra looked beautiful but we think she should probably leave the “Saweetie baby hair” thing alone.

We are excited to see what her glam team comes up with for future shows.



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