Tyrese Has No Love For “Manufactured Beauty” – “You Couldn’t Even HIDE Your Weave Tracks”


Yesterday Tyrese posted a super long message on his Instagram directed at women who think that #menaintsh*t, that they are stupid and will marry damb near anything.

According to his Instagram post he was having a conversation at dinner which drove him to write a direct message to women of all races who practice “manufactured beauty”. Check out what Mr. Tyrese Darnell Gibson had to say:

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I really posted this so we could have a discussion about it, because I see two sides to the conversation. The first side is, he is entitled to like and share his opinion on what he likes in a woman. The other side is I am personally not here for Tyrese or anyone body shaming women on the choices she makes with her own body.

My opinion is that Tyrese was trying to make the point that men shouldn’t be called stupid because they can decipher between body enhancements which include wigs and weaves and what is real on a woman.

The problem is, his delivery of the message wreaks of misogyny, On one hand, he says “us men see the bullsh*t” and towards the end of his spiel he says “If your beauty has been purchased that’s fine…. own it, enjoy it”. Huh??

At the end of the day, men do the same thing! Man weaves and painted beards are huge markets for all men. Not to mention the guys who have been taking steroids for years to get their muscles bigger to the point of abnormality.

Enhancements have been proven to be a human thing and not a woman thing so I think he has to be careful about how he decides to use his twitter fingers.

At the end of the day, some of us just choose to use a little teeth whitening and there are others who choose to go under the knife, either way, there is no room for shame but a ton of room for education and real discussion.

Men are definitely not stupid and women certainly do not make choices about their bodies and hair solely for male consumption!

What do you think about Tyrese’s statements are they just an attempt at shaming women or does he have a point?

After his comments got destroyed on Instagram, Tyrese added to his position with the following:

See my last post!!! Read the caption… and I will say it again this is NOT directed at black women not even remotely this is to all – if the shoe fits wear it….. The problem is a lot of fellas who have made the ladies feel like this is ok- Your honor I rest my case…………. I know I know I know……. Your instincts is to attack – I have never ever ran away from discussing and sparking dialogue about that REAL shit that everyone is thinking but no one wants to TALK about it – please feel free to take off on ME in the comments below I got thick skin I can take it – people must be stopped and telling partial truths has never stopped anything or anyone – Love yourself and embrace all things that you were born as – These days plastic surgery and manufactured beauty is going TOO FAR!!!!!!!!!!

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(It shouldn’t be directed at any woman, but #carryon!)


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