Use This Easy Protein Treatment Before And After You Flat Iron Your Hair


We are about to jump head first into Fall and even though I am desperately trying to avoid talking about Fall hair because I am already missing the Summer vibes, it must be done.

Fall and Winter are all about straight hair because the air is dryer and the chances of our curls reverting are greatly reduced.

If you plan to Flat Iron during the Fall season it is important that you strengthen your strands so that they can withstand the direct heat.

Here is a little DIY protein treatment that is great for Fall hair care and all of the ingredients can be found easily.

What you will need

2 eggs

Mayonnaise – Enough for consistency

3 tablespoons of honey


Mix all of your ingredients very well until you get a creamy texture to your conditioner. Divide your hair into at least five sections to ensure that the conditioner covers every strand. Once you are satisfied with the coverage, cover with a plastic cap for at least 30 minutes.

You can even opt to add a heat cap just to make sure everything gets settled in on your strands. We guarantee that your hair will feel much stronger and have a natural shine that is absolutely unreal.

We recommend doing a protein treatment before you flat iron your hair and after you flat iron to get your hair back to normal avoiding damage.

To be honest this treatment does not guarantee that your hair will avoid heat damage but it can help immensely along with the use of a great heat protectant.

Check out this video demonstration on how to make the conditioner:

Photo cred: @_whitneythestylist


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