How I Used The Hair Journal App To Keep Track Of My Hair


I remember last year when 2016 was approaching I decided to join a length retention challenge. It was perfect because I was wanted more length and I wanted document the progress I made.

Additionally being the self-proclaimed product junkie that I am, I needed to keep track of all the products I used and thought about the best method to do so.

I remember watching Discovering Natural’s YouTube video where she talked about the “Hair Journal App” which allowed her to keep track of her natural hair and her daughter’ hair. It allowed her to track her family’s hair progress with pictures, products and other neat little functionalities that I was also interested in and would find useful.

Based on her experience I downloaded the app because it was great to use in conjunction with the challenge! The app is called “The Hair Journal” and it was created to “to help hair enthusiasts have an easy and yet fun way to track their hair growth or goals.”

How I used it:

1. Kept track of my hair’s progress

Everyone knows the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, in this case it really is. When you look at your hair every day in the mirror, you may not notice the new growth or the length you have retained.

With the app you can take pictures and upload them as time passes tracking your growth and length retention as a result of protective styles or even supplementation. You can also track how your curls react to different products to see what worked and what didn’t.

2. I tracked my products

I loved the feature where I could take a picture of the product I’m currently using and enter the name or key ingredients. I was able to keep track of the DIY deep conditioners, gels and oil mixtures I made and kept the ingredient list in the captions.

I could also easily identify what worked for my hair and what didn’t. Taking pictures with captions that said “Stay faaaaaar away” really helped.

Lastly, when anyone asks me what product am I using in my hair, I can open the app on my phone and show them. Instead of thinking about the product, the name and where I got it or waiting on them to write it down.

3. I tracked the methods I used to do my hair styles

Sometimes we will try a new method of styling and have great success but then forget what we did the first time in order to repeat the style.

This App helped me to keep track of the methods I used to achieve every style and the result. If you are having a hard time remember the products and method you used in order to achieve your wash and go, this is MAJOR KEY.

You are able to take a picture of your hair style and write down your exact method with as many details that would help you to repeat the style again.

Now that 2017 is approaching us and most of us will have hair goals I think this is a great tool to use that can make the journey fun and much easier.

If you are interested in the Hair Journal App or any hair app for that matter, just check your App Store on your phone!


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