Victoria Secret Is Going Au Natural And I Am Not Talking About Underwear


Remember last year when model Maria Borges made history by ditching the hair extensions and wearing her natural hair? Well, Victoria Secret heard those clicks, hashtags and Cha Chings over Maria’s choice to wear HER hair loud and clear and have decided that all their models will now wear their natural hair on the runway.

In an exclusive with Refinery29 Victoria Secret’s hair stylist spilled the beans:

For years, models who weren’t born with the look were required to wear extensions or wigs, or sit under dryers for hours to achieve it — further packing the definition of what our society deems “sexy” into a very, very narrow box.

But all of that is starting to change. After Maria Borges made history last year by being the first model to walk the runway with her natural TWA (that’s “teeny-weeny Afro”), this year the brand is embracing every model’s natural texture across the board.

In an exclusive Facebook Live with Refinery29, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show hairstylist and Beachwaver creator Sarah Potempa revealed that all 51 women will walk with the style closest to the one they woke up with. Press play to check it out below.

Well glad to see Victoria Secret is recognising the coins that natural hair can bring them, I am here for it!


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