Viola Davis And Zendaya Stun Rocking Protective Styles On Their Latest Covers

zendaya and Viola Davis Protective Styles

Viola Davis and Zendaya recently shared their latest magazine covers wearing protective styles and the pictures are amazing.

In their latest editorials, we loved how gorgeous both women looked wearing two different types of Protective styles.

Viola Davis, styled by celebrity stylist Jamika Wilson opted for medium faux locs and Zendaya styled by Kim Kimble opted for long knotless braids.

Viola Davis

viola davis protective stylesIn an interview with Instyle, Magazine Viola shared her thoughts on everything from the lockdown to pay disparity in Hollywood which is a hot button topic for her.

See below:
LB: Especially now. How did you handle the lockdown?

VD: I didn’t do well at first. I know a lot of people felt great with it. I did feel great, in terms of I don’t like working so much.

Nowadays, being a woman is juggling motherhood, being a wife, cooking, and then being the CEO and knowing how to optimize your business. I don’t like working like that.

It drives me completely insane. So the time off was wonderful, but I’m an empath. I don’t know how to channel the pain and suffering that other people are going through and say, “But I feel great!” It was very difficult for me to process what was happening.

LB: We should all be able to start on a level playing field. There was a piece in The New York Times a couple of months ago. It was about a biracial couple—white guy, Black woman—who were selling their house. They got an estimate for their home with both of their belongings on display.

They then removed hers and got another estimate. “His” home was valued at $100,000 more. Economic oppression is endemic and is going to take so long to undo.

VD: Absolutely. [Author] James Baldwin said, “We are our history.” And memories last forever. We are living in a system where one out of three women is sexually assaulted by the time she reaches, what, 18?

You see the power of those memories and that trauma that follows them through life. Everything from body dysmorphia to depression, suicide, drug addiction. It’s the same thing with history.

The side effects reverberate throughout our neighborhoods—especially cities with poor education and housing. It’s prevalent in health care and employment.

Here’s my big thing, and people in Hollywood know this: I have great agents; I love them. I love my manager. I love my publicist.

But I say this to them all the time, I say, “I want and I expect to get the same filet mignon that white actresses get. Cooked at the exact temperature.

You cannot throw me a bone with a really nice little piece of meat still on it and expect that’s good enough for me.

I love my collard greens and all of that, and I know we were given the leftovers. I know how to cook that, but I want a filet mignon.”

Viola’s photos:

protective styles for Instyle Magazine

protective styles viola


Her InStyle Cover:
Viola Davis Cover wearing a protective styles

Zendaya’s Cover story

Recently Zendaya was crowned the youngest ever lead actress in a drama series to receive an Emmy so of course this still a huge topic of conversation.

In her interview with Elle Magazine, they recapped the moment the 24-year old actress heard that she had won the award.

Interviewed by her friend Timothe Chalamet she shared that she had no clue she was going to win so her reaction was pretty authentic.

Since the show was virtual, how did it work? Did you know in advance that you were going to win?

You didn’t. So how did they get the award there so quickly?
There were these people in hazmat suits that went around to all the nominees’ houses with awards. So basically if you won, you’d grab it quickly from them and have it. If you didn’t win, they’d just take it with them and leave.

What was it like to get all glammed up and then not leave the house?
That was all right with me. I got to feel all fancy and put on this beautiful custom [Armani Privé] gown and do my hair and makeup and then just be with my family in the living room, which was actually quite nice.

Very wholesome.
Yeah, it was great. And we got to take pictures in the house, so I knew I would be happy with them.

You got photo approval.
Yeah, there was none of the usual “Ah, I hate that picture” that is suddenly circulating everywhere. So it wasn’t bad.

It actually worked really smoothly the way they virtually transitioned people over to different media outlets. They really had it all figured out.

what are you most looking forward to when things get back to normal? What’s the one thing you haven’t been able to do in the past six months that’s number one on your to-do list once it’s deemed safe?
I don’t know—I think that things are going to stay different for quite a long time. We’re probably going to have a new normal to keep people safe and healthy, which I’m totally down for.

I mean, I love traveling. I don’t feel super-safe traveling all over the place quite yet, but I can’t wait to get back to it.

I love being able to visit different places. I think that’s one of the beautiful parts of our job. Anytime I go on either a press tour or travel for work, which is really the main reason why I travel, I try to find as many museums and educational tours as I can.

Some people think it’s boring, but I absolutely love it. You get all this information, and you go home and you start telling people random things like, “Did you know that this was built and….” I just love having random facts.

So, yeah, I miss traveling for sure. Luckily I’ve been able to work, so I’m grateful for that, being able to work safely.

I do miss being able to actually go to the movies. But you know what? All of that can wait.

Zendaya’s photos:

Zendaya’s Elle cover

Both women killed it, for more protective style options, click here.


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