This Hairstylist Went Viral For His Description Of The LA Earthquake

Hairstylist Viral Earthquake video

Every so often, a earthquake will rock parts of California and send everybody into a tizzy. And no matter how much you prepare, you’re never really prepared for it. This was especially true for hairstylist Corie J who felt the earthquake rumble right in the middle of his client’s weave install. 

The owner of Urban Village Hair Studio in Carson, CA hilariously recalled the moment the quake hit during an interview with ABC7 News:

“I was doing my client weave, and all of a sudden something went BOOM! And I hit the floor and was like ‘Oh my GOD, please! I don’t want to die this way!'” 

Luckily we can all have a good laugh at Corie’s reaction to the event because Carson—a city in Los Angeles County— didn’t see much damage as it was a 4.3 magnitude earthquake, which is relatively small on the Richter scale.

Watch the funny viral video below. 

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