Viral Sensation Antwain “TJ” Fowler Has Passed Away


It is being reported that we have lost viral sensation and the worlds happiest little boy Antwain Lee Fowler.

He was known on social media as Tj.

And his most viral video was this one:

According to his GoFundMe
Antwain was diagnosed with Auto-immune Enterapothy in July of 2015.

AIE is a rare immune deficiency disorder that attacks your intestines.

Antwain has been hospitalized a countless number of times due to his poor health condition. Antwain has undergone over 25 surgeries.

Like normal infants Antwain was unable to drink milk, or eat solid foods during his earlier childhood.

Mom posted to Instagram earlier today heartbroken and we are sending her so much love and prayers for strength.



Rest well little guy, you brought the world so much joy.



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