Watch Beyonce’s Back-up Dancer Denee Baptiste Celebrate 37 Weeks Pregnant By Doing #lemondancechallenge


A few days ago Beyonce’s backup dancer Denee decided that she was going to “dance her baby right on out” by doing the #lemondancechallenge and she killed it.


Now at 37 weeks we cannot imagine what it is like to still be able to deliver a well-coordinated dance routine but when you are dancer this is just what you do! This little routine got Denee featured in Vogue who called it the most “impressive rendition” yet!

Read below:

But the most impressive rendition of all comes courtesy of Harlem-based dancer Denee “Dnay B” Baptiste, who is not only one of Beyoncé’s backup dancers but also 37 weeks pregnant.

Clad in a bright yellow jacket, bump-bearing white crop top, and low-slung distressed denim, Baptiste serves up her own freestyle “Lemon” dance, body-waving, twerking, dabbing, fancy-footwork–ing, and head-banging her buoyant afro to spellbinding effect.

“Ima dance this baby right on out,” wrote the self-taught hip-hop dancer in the caption of her viral Instagram post. Demonstrating strength, grace, and superhuman agility, Baptiste’s spotlight-stealing moment is a great reminder that pregnancy can be sexy, empowering—and fun.

In response, Denee wrote about her pregnancy thus far and how she keeps things going during her pregnancy that she says was not easy:

“This pregnancy has been no walk in the park, but God is good… And once the doctors cleared me to continue doing what I love, I jumped my happy @$$ right on up and got back to work… Literally!

I continued to do professional dance gigs until 26 weeks pregnant. All I can say is, pregnancy doesn’t have to stop your daily routine… UNLESS the doctor says no, listen to your physician… Don’t listen to me, But if you can, keep on moving and grooving… “

Get it mommy! -We wish you and baby boy nothing but a healthy home stretch! Keep on dancing Denee!


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