Watch This NY Stylist Repossess A Frontal She Installed On One Of Her Clients


Ya’ll I promise I cannot make this up even if I tried. This New York stylist actually caught up with her client at what looks like a beauty supply store to repossess a frontal from her client.

From the video you will hear her say that she offered her client a discount on the hair and the young lady left to get money and did not return after getting her hair done.

Honestly this stylist is better than me but I agree with her 100%! Frontals are expensive and it isnt fair for clients to literally take advantage of products and services.

Watch the alarming video below:



    • This a child, whoever is raising her is teaching her to steal. The stylish did a good thing by what she did, better her than the police.

    • Maybe some people don’t understand the principal of running a business. It’s highly important to show a profit not a loss and if you stand behind someone for 2 to 3 hours providing a service it’s very important to be paid. If the woman had no money to pay for the service she should bought a pack of $7.99 hair and a $.99 bottle of black hair glue!

    • Pretty sure she said she was just gonna bun it. I agree Mstee she could burn it if she wanted to it’s not the point of what she does with it but rather, not letting the thief keep it.

    • That’s right a thief never gets to keep an item. Even if a thief goes into Victoria Secret and steals a pair of panties, she doesn’t get to go to jail with them on. Victoria Secret will toss them and take a loss or put them on clearance and someone totally oblivious will purchase them. It’s the principal of the matter not the item.

    • How so? You rent to own furniture and dont pay the rental company picks it up. You finance your car and don’t dont pay the finance company sends a repo guy to pick it up. There is no person in business that offers a service or product that will allow you to keep it if they are able to repossess it.

    • Irele Jackson this is a difference of opinion on a personal preference that’s it. I wouldn’t confiscate & you would! Hair & furniture cars etc is totally different to me. I don’t know any professional stylist who would do this. But to each is own I said I would not

    • I dont think it lacks professionalism or tact and if I were the stylist I would STILL file charges against (or her mother) for theft of services. I sets a standard. People know that they can’t come to your establishment with that foolishness.

    • Irele Jackson okay yes going to small claims court I understand or making her an example another way & even with that it may take more money & time waisted over this lace front!

    • So you just take it as a loss? I did freelance makeup… I didn’t take losses. I got my money upfront after one incident but even in that incident I let it be known my time is to be respected. You start taking losses and one lil girl will turn into 10 especially in this day of social media. I respect stylist… It’s VERY time consuming. If she would have let this fly SHE lost a product and her time.

    • Irele Jackson Absolutely Not! I agree with making sure you get the money you deserve for the time product & skills yet I am just saying this action was unnecessary that is all. Other actions to set examples are options that’s all! It is shocking to me that someone would take back some hair from another persons head in public as a repossession.

    • Those items can be reused… who wants a used frontal . Heck she could’ve filed theft of service charges bet to cut out the frontal… Naw. Yes the girl was wrong for what she did. But at this point let it go… don’t block your blessings being petty

    • Kneegros always want something FREE, and when that can’t get it FREE they try and STEAL IT, but when they’re caught they always want someone to let their thievery slide….. fk that PAY ME!!! NO ONE OWES YOU NOTHING!!!!!!

  1. She dont look bad not all. She was nice about it, she wasnt ratchet with it. Id still go get my hair done from her. Any real person can respect what she did, the only people who would have a problem with her doing that is ratchet non paying/ broke ass females

    • did i call you ratchet or broke where in my comment is your name????…..exaaaaaactly u just made yourself look bad slim if i was talking to u i would address u directly i would have
      BUT i guess the shoe fit for u to think i was so wear that shoe proudly and go be great✌

    • Trelle Purnell sweetheart you are turning up for no reason. I was the only one with the comment of her looking bad. So I responded. It appears you were responding to me. No hate towards you because as I stated I am not even close to ratchet

    • Beyond turning up did u not see the laughing emojis u cant tell ones attitude over a social site….u assumed for no reason i dont know u to call u ratchet or broke and assuming and making an ass of myself aint my style. I was the first to like the comment in the post okay they said the caption as if what she did made her look some kind of way. So i started my comment out with that i didn read the comments first. I read after u commented so u assumed i was answering to u thats ur fault not mine.

    • Girl Yes! If you have never been a hairstylist, you get sick and tired of working hard only for folks to keep pulling isht like this! She knew damn well she didn’t have the money and was probably hoping she would take the L! F* that!

    • I have briefly… my sister was a stylist for over 25 years… have a cousin it just happened to last week… I GET IT! However days/weeks months later in a store … nooooo! Sometimes you have to just take the lost. She cannot recoup her lost at this point… taking it out the girls head is NOT. Going to put money back into her pocket!

    • She might find away to sell it who knows i thinks its more so the principle to her i dont know…. she about her business tho i gotta give her that smh plus she was nice most chicks wouldve beat her ass for that fuckery

    • Nothing’s gained at this point… just being petty. Two wrongs don’t make a right! Now in the moment if she took it out in the shop… I get that. Trust I’ve seen stylist wet down a head cuz someone tried pulling that mess on them… oh you leaving out of here with a wet head you not taking my labor with you…. bad checks all that… but I Still think the manner in which she handled it … smh

    • Priscilla honey u would make bank at least once a week i see something about someone who skipped out on payment im like shiiit u would think people would learn but i guess not if u need a driver to run up on the curb im game☺

    • exactly and i’m broke. i think people who live for themselves and think the world owes them something has an issue with this. people deserve to get paid on time and fair for their work. i hate when people try to talk them down on a price or tell them they’ll pay them later. it’s disrespectful. you want your money now. let your job short you out your check

  2. Wow..i wouldn’t do it ..however people are in business to make money. When you go to someone to receive services payment is expected unless otherwise discussed. A stylist shouldn’t have to go here with people or stay your ass out of their chair simple.

  3. That’s ridiculous should have received payment for service when it was rendered. To take it out of her hair in the store like that and say you were just going to throw it away is just spiteful. I cant believe how many people agree with this.

  4. The only thing I have a problem with is the little bitty dress on that ginormous ass. She was definitely wrong for coming out the crib in that. Everything ain’t for everybody.

  5. My heart is not built like that, I couldn’t go & remove the hair off her head. I would confront her & that’s it. Yes, I know money is everything to some. I honestly feel (based on the clip) this girl just couldn’t afford it. Her blessings from God would’ve been more than the cost of that thing.

    • Muriel you have a lovely caring heart. However, that young lady knew she couldn’t pay for the services when she sat in the stylist chair. She tried that stylist and lost…sometimes you get back from the universe exactly what you put in!

    • Janice, I agree with you. It’s a no win situation for the beautician. She still wasted time she will not get back. As for the young lady, I’m almost positive she will absolutely never ever humiliate herself in that manner again.

    • i’m not a stylist but styles like this take time and effort. as soon as you let her go then she’ll go tell her friend that you are a sucker. soon nobody will pay you for your serves. it has nothing to do with your heart. the girl can go home and style her hair herself. don’t try to punk someone who was clearly doing you a favor by knocking down the price for you

    • Ashley Blue I respect your opinion. My feedback is how I would’ve handled the situation. There are many modern ways to secure payment these days. Again, I totally get what you’re saying.

    • If you can’t afford a weave then you need to work them natural locks and suck it up. Don’t waste anybody’s time who has a job and then lie to and steal from them!

  6. See you can’t even be nice to people she even gave her a discount and still fucked her over the stylist did nothing wrong and the girl didn’t even try to argue back because she knew it could get ugly plus why get your hair done and you knew you couldn’t afford it.

  7. That’s like not making car payments your shit will get repoed. People need to stop getting their hair did if they can’t pay. No one goes into business to stand over your head and provide a hair style for free unless it’s charity work. If she did not say today is the day for charity then run them coins other wise keep it moving.

  8. I’m sorry but she handled this good to me. She probably saw the girl while just driving around. Y’all are feeling sorry but homegirl planned this out she went and got a frontal installed knowing she wasn’t gonna pay and then went to whoever to get her hair finished. I’m sorry but clearly anybody who has worked hard and long to get where they are take it personal when people steal whether it’s a frontal or a dollar out a purse. Y’all saying why take it out if you’re just gonna throw it away? Because she ain’t bouta be walking around with this free frontal.

  9. I don’t understand why some people have a problem with this……this client (I mean thief) deliberately sat down in this stylist chair knowing she wasn’t going to pay…..that’s premeditated thievery. She deserves this humiliation. The stylist took back what rightfully belong to her PERIOD!

  10. I agree that this was spiteful. There is no way I would ever go get my hair done by this person whether I was this young lady , an existing customer or a future customer. God rewards integrity, forgiveness and compassion. I didn’t see any of that from this ‘lace front maker’. She isn’t a stylist as the hair didn’t appeared styled just attached.

    This was malice. Yes, she should have been paid. However, I wonder how many times she over booked her scheduled, left ladies waiting for hrs while she smacked her gum and went to lunch; was on slow roll doing their hair and jacked up the style they originally requested; but still yet GOT paid.

  11. Absolutely terrifying when I look at some of these black women mothers !! Just the dress sense the speech everything, How do they expect they’re children to grow up with any class and dignity wow sad

  12. Y’all defending the thief:

    She went to get her hair done and had a stylist spend lord knows how long installing the hair all while knowing she wasn’t gonna pay.


    She had every intention of paying but when she found out it was cash only (why else would she need to go to an ATM) she decided she would leg it to save herself 50 bucks.

    Either way, it’s not okay. Y’all saying maybe she’s poor? What if the stylist was counting on that 50 bucks to feed her kids? Or what if the stylist was rich af and still just wanted the money. Either way, it’s her business, her skill, and she had every right to take back her art if the client legged it. End of.

  13. How about stop putting someone else’s hair on your damn head. You won’t have to worry about some fat chick repossessing her hair. This is ridiculous and sad that this girl wanted something she couldn’t pay for because everyone is doing it. Urrrgh!

  14. I’m sorry but I can’t like this, I fully understand the girl left without paying her, however it’s quite obvious this young girl has no money at all to even pay her in the first place. hopefully the woman does not put this hair into someone else’s hair for hygiene purposes.

  15. I would have done the same. And I would have thrown the hair in the garbage after taking it out to prove a point. Don’t steal what u can’t afford. She don’t need that hair she just wanted her to understand not to steal or take anyone kindness for weakness. She allowed her to go get the money trying to trust her. She lucky ol girl and beat her ass.

  16. The client was dead wrong she knew she couldn’t afford the hair style that she was getting or was just too cheap and thought that she could get away with what she did…but I will not remove a sweaty piece of weave from anyone’s head just to make a point. I would have taken the “L” and just know not to fool with that client again!

  17. Whether this young woman is right or wrong is a matter of opinion. However, to humiliate and embarrass someone purposely on social media is wrong. We shouldn’t do this to one another. My hope is that we learn to use social media to spread positivity in our communities. We can’t keep saying the media always portrays of negatively and then post crap like this online. Let’s not be part of the problem but, try to be part of the solution. Good day!

  18. Can’t see the video however I will still state my opinion. The client was wrong for not paying for her frontal, however the stylist was just as wrong for not handling the situation like a professional. She should have just wrote it off as a loss on her income taxes and stop doing payment plans on individuals because at the end of the day what did she gain? She got the frontal back but what can she do with a used one sew that shit on somebody else head ? That disgusting. When you are self employed you are going to lose money plain and simple and this is so fucking dumb to post a video of yourself taking a frontal off your clients head and posting that shit on social media.Just plain stupid.

  19. Honestly, the hair stylist handled this well. She was non aggressive and outright stated the facts. Her client’s the ratchet one, clearly there wasn’t an agreement that it was free!

  20. That is a shame, was it really worth taking the hair off of that childs head and the blessing would have let her keep it and when she comes back, demand the money up front and if she does not have it, then no service.

  21. Did I heard the frontal was used? How can you sale a used frontal for 50.00? This was poorly handled and very unprofessional. This is like repossessing panties. Some stuff can’t be reused.

  22. I have witnessed this too many times. People usually know they can’t afford it when they get in the chair, and plan that, “Oh I’ve gotta go get more money,” excuse, and never come back. I totally approve of what the stylist did. The stylist was even willing to deal with the girl and give her a discount on the frontal and the girl STILL decided to stiff her. That’s terrible.


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