Watch @Peakmill Create This Quick And Easy Tapered Curly Fro Look On A Lacewig


I feel as if I have been talking about wigs a lot, mostly because of this wig hack that I just posted, but no apologies here, if the hair looks dope I am posting it.

With that said I was browsing through Instagram as usual and decided to check on my girl Peakmill who always slays when it comes to her looks and wigs.

She had this new little number she created and good Lord, it is EVE-RY-THANG. Check out the view:


Peak mill 4

She did a tutorial on how she did the wig pn you tube where she describes all the details sharing that she started off with one style idea in mind and ended up creating a whole other one, watch below:

bad to the bone! If you are in the Dallas area Peakmill will be here on June 5th teaching a class on how to make wigs. I hope I can make it to her class, should be a ton of fun and great to document.

A video posted by Peakmill (@peakmilll) on


    • Hi Saundra, you will have to hit @peakmill on IG or check out her video to see how she made the wig and where the hair is from. Thanks or commenting 🙂

    • Hi Tonza, you will have to hit @peakmill on IG and see where she got the wig, she may have mentioned it in her video as well.


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