Watch Rhyon Nicole Brown Teach The Cast Of The Real How She Did Michel’le’s Iconic Voice


By now most of you have probably watched “Surviving Compton”, Michel’le’s Lifetime Biopic and like me you are all just in awe of this woman’s survival of domestic abuse, drug abuse and just the dark side of Hip Hop.

Personally, after I watched I searched my whole house for anything related to Dr. Dre and put them in the recycle bin so they could be of better use. Now that I am not as mad I appreciate her so much for telling her story because more than anything it was a story of survival, strength, and determination that many women in similar circumstances can use for hope.

On a lighter note many of us are wondering how Rhyon Nicole Brown, the woman that played Michel’le nailed her voice so well, because as you can imagine it could not have been easy.

Last week before the biopic aired Rhyon showed the cast of The Real just how she did it, watch below:

Interesting right?

If you haven’t watched Surviving Compton, you should! Lifetime did great this time and as a matter of fact, this is the best Biopic yet.

I wish Michel’le nothing but success in her future endeveours.


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