Watch This Stylist Remove A Weave Left In For 9 Months


I found @StylebyBonita on Instagram and when I saw this transformation video I knew this lady was the truth. Imagine having the task of removing a weave that was kept in someone’s hair for 9 months.

The client is disabled and even though that is not an excuse it was a factor. This was the caption the sylist had on one of the photos:

This is the result of a sew-in weave left in for 9 months on #naturalhair . It is important to note that dandruff, product build-up, mold, and fungus, can reside in your hair and on your scalp without proper hair care.

Shampooing sew-ins without sitting under the dryer to fully dry it, will also result in moldy hair. I advise anyone who wears sew-ins not to go past 2-3 months with their install. Matted hair cannot always be detangled, in this case,I cut it off, cleansed and treated the hair and scalp. I was happy to give this client a luxurious treatment.


watch the video:

A video posted by Bonita ???? (@styledbybonita) on


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