Watch These Stylists Create Afro’s On White Models For A Show


Here we are looking for ways to eliminate frizz daily, buying the most expensive anti-humectants and trying our darndest not to sweat so that our styles won’t automatically poof and they are over here trying to construct frizz.

Watch this video:

A video posted by Hair Place ( on

I must admit there is a real art to this thing, the tools and techniques are beyond my wildest imagination at the lengths the stylist has to go through to create a fro.

Not to mention I cannot imagine the level of damage that is done to the strand during the construction process. We could suggest just using a black model, but what would be the fun in that?

The true flare and fantasy of the style is being able to create it on someone you would not typically see it on and for the stylist, it means more attention and bigger checks!

I suppose someone will scream appropriation, but I am not here for that, they call this whole exhibition “cheeky pop magic”– that’s funny because we call it magic too!


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