WATCH: “The Big Chop” A Short Film By Issa Rae


Back in 2016 during an interview with Essence Issa Rae said her big chop was the most freeing thing she had ever done. Specifically, she said “I needed to do it because I had so many different hair textures going on, and I wanted a fresh start,”

“I toyed with the idea of doing it, and then I posted ‘I’m thinking about cutting off my hair’ on Facebook. A bunch of my friends [commented] like, ‘oh my God, do it,’ or ‘no, you’re about to be so ugly,’ or ‘what if you have a weirdly shaped head?’ There was so much interest and so many responses.

I was like, ‘Oh, my friends are sh*tty, but this is interesting.’ I thought about the absurdity of hair,” she continued. “I felt like I was viewed differently after I cut my hair. People look at you like you’re more confident when you have a bald head—like you have the audacity to be able to walk around like that.”

Fast forward to about a week ago Issa created a short film exploring those ideas called “The Big Chop”. The story follows the life of a charming little girl named Chris who loved her natural hair but faced negativity from her friends and her mother. (Her mom eventually permed her hair just like many of us experienced in our own lives).

Then the film presents Chris as an adult struggling with the decision to big chop after wearing her hair permed for many years and how unnerving it can be the first time you actually do it.

There is even a cute love story! But I am going to stop typing and allow you to watch it for yourself! Press play below:

Cute right? One commenter said that this short film was everything Nappily Ever After should have been! What do you all think? Comment below!


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