Watch Youtuber @imbriyonce Kill This Beyonce #Beychella And Formation Routine


Yall I had to update this post because miss Brianna Bundick Kelly who goes by @imBriyonce on Instagram did it again and this time she is going mega viral according to Insider!

Just to give you some context read and watch below from 2016:

When you are the ultimate Beyonce fan, you tend to learn the routines and dance em like no one’s watching. I discovered “Briyonce” by chance and fell in love with her personality.

Watch her body this routine:

A video posted by Briyonce ???? (@imbriyonce) on

This year Briyonce decided she was going to take on #beychella and she killed it! The routine was so tight my girl made the news!


Congratulations Bri! — BTW she is on the Dean’s List too!


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