When Quitting Feels Right – 10 Things You Might Want To Stop Doing In 2022

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In the wise words of Michael Bublé, ‘it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life.’

Aren’t we all excited to see a new year amidst the chaos, deaths, environmental disasters, financial slumps, and the Covid-19 crisis? No? Well, don’t worry.

This is one hell of a decade, but don’t lose hope just yet.

As usual, everyone is usually busy jotting down their New Year Resolutions at this point of the year.

However, with lockdowns and unstable economies, the idea of adding a regimented routine for success might be impossible for many.

That’s why we decided to go with the simple anti-to-do list.

It’s all about cutting out habits that haven’t been serving you well, which is a simple thing to do, right? Right?

Well, with that, here are the top ten things you need to leave behind as you step into 2022:

QUIT – Holding in Your Feelings

If you love someone, tell them.

If there’s anything 2020 and 2021 have taught us, life is short.

God forbid if anything happens to you or that person, would you ever live with yourself knowing you let them go without declaring your feelings?

Don’t wait until it’s too late and live a life of regrets. Embrace being bold and shoot your shot! What’s the worst that could happen?

QUIT – Using Money As A Metric For Measuring Your Success

We’re not saying to stop making smart investments or stop making Robin Fenty money goals – hello, billionaire status!

However, it would be best if you didn’t limit your success to money.

Money is never enough, and having less doesn’t mean you’re not successful.

Didn’t you land a digital marketing role with your dream firm? Didn’t you lose 20 pounds in four months? Didn’t you graduate from Uni? What makes you think that’s not success?

Yes, money is vital, and having a significant amount feels good, but you need to celebrate the small wins. In any case, a journey of a thousand miles (financial success) begins with a single step.

QUIT – Trying to Keep Up With the Kardashians & the Musks

It’s a game you can’t win! When you compare yourself to others, you’ll always find someone who’s wealthier, prettier, smarter, and luckier than you are.

It’s a slippery slope to be on.

Instead, appreciate what you have – trust me, there might be someone who even thinks you’re better off than they are.

And don’t misquote us. We’re not saying you stop watching KUWTK (Lord knows the show can be addictive).

All we’re saying is, you don’t see the amount of work Instagram stars or world-class actresses put in to maintain their status, the stress they hide, and at times, the dysfunctions in their relationships.

Things aren’t always as rosy as they seem. So, be grateful for yours, and more will come!

QUIT – Spending All Your Free Time On Social Media

If you haven’t watched the ‘Social Dilemma’ on Netflix yet, you should do so ASAP.

It’ll help you look at social media addiction in a mind-blowing (and not in a good way) manner.

Rather than scrolling Instagram to see what Porsha Williams is up to, look for hobbies that you think you’d enjoy. You can try making lasagna for one or even gardening. What’s the harm?

QUIT – Avoiding Responsibility

If you screw up, own up to your mistakes. Don’t start making excuses. They’ll only weave you into a web of lies, and the further downhill you go, the worse it becomes.

It might be the most challenging thing to do, but it can be the most rewarding as well.

QUIT – Saving Your Fine China

@lavishleyjackie (Jackie Aina Table Setting)

If you have an African mom, you know those super gorgeous plates her son-in-law gifted her are meant for guests.

And unfortunately, some of us have started adopting this tradition (damn you genes).

We’re here to tell you it’s safe to stop saving cutlery and utensils for a Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Start bringing them out for your everyday one-person show (perhaps Friday dinner), and enjoy!

QUIT – Not Traveling Until You Acquire More Wealth


Let’s face it. The past two years have been nothing if not devastating.

Therefore, it’s time to stop waiting to accumulate wealth or get married to enjoy the pleasures of life.

Book that trip to Santorini, sign up for that dance class, and buy that dress you’ve saved on your Pinterest pins. Life is for the living, so live it today!

QUIT – Using Alcohol As A Social Buffer

We know, we know. Alcohol has a way of bringing out the ‘Miss Congeniality’ in you.

But, you don’t always have to chug a beer, sip your favorite wine or take shots of tequila to enjoy social functions.

Sober confidence is super attractive, so try it!

QUIT – Trying to Complete Tasks ‘Perfectly’

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately or are struggling with anxiety, take a step back and figure out what’s wrong.

You’ve probably been holding yourself to unrealistic expectations, which only leads to self-doubt and procrastination.

We all have one life to live. No one gets a chance to practice it unless you’re immortal, of course, so stop trying to be perfect.

Embrace the mess and uncertainty that comes with life, and you might just be happy.

‘Perfection belongs to narrated events, not to those we live.’ Primo Levi.

QUIT – Not Setting Boundaries

It’s time to kiss those moments of wondering how we got roped into doing things we would otherwise never do – goodbye!

Whether it’s meeting people even when you don’t feel safe, going out when you don’t have money, or working late, setting boundaries is vital – it helps you live a life you are happy with, not one that’s dependent on others.


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