Why Mini Twists Might Be the Most Protective Style Ever!


If you subscribe to the naturals’ club, you know that protective styling is ideal for giving your hair a break from headache-inducing styles.

There are numerous protective style choices, including box braids, crochet locs, and an assortment of twisting options.

But what if we told you there are protective styles that can last up to six weeks and don’t require a trip to your high-cost stylist?

Now that we’ve piqued your interest, allow us to introduce you to the best protective style ever – mini twists.

These minis have become popular among vloggers and naturals everywhere.

And while they might take time to install due to their ‘miniature’ size, mini twists help improve hair length retention and provide you with stronger strands.

Keep scrolling to learn the ins and outs of mini twists and see if they’re the protective style you’ve been missing out on.

What Are Mini Twists?

Mini twists are the gold standard of low manipulation styles. They offer you a much-needed break from constant manipulation and styling.

The best part is they don’t need you to pay attention to them. Just moisturize and deep condition them often, and you’ll be good to go.

These twists are simple and small and can be done with natural hair or with braided extensions.

What’s more, you can wear the style in various ways; in a bun, twist out, or side-swept. The only limit is your imagination.

The Benefits of Mini Twists

If you’ve been wondering if you should rock mini twists, here are a few pros:

They’re Effortless to Install

Compared to box braids, mini twists take a slightly shorter time to install. On average, braids take 5 to 12 hours to install.

On average, most naturals take one to four to install mini twists.

Nevertheless, the length and thickness of your strands will determine if the installation process will be shorter or longer.

Mini Twists Are Versatile

As mentioned, mini twists provide you with numerous styling options and can be worn in various ways. You can put them in a bun, half-up half-down, or slicked back.

They’re Seamless to Remove

Mini twists are quick to remove than box braids or mini braids. Depending on your hair length and volume, they can take as little as 20 minutes to take down.

Drawbacks of Installing Mini Twists

Like any other protective style, mini twists have drawbacks. These include:


Shrinkage is the bane of any natural’s life. And while mini twists give you that sexy yet low-maintenance look, they subscribe to shrinkage.

Luckily, there’s a solution.

You can stretch them out by holding your ends and then using a warm blow dryer to elongate the twists. You can also try tying the ends with rubber bands and then stretching them out for elongation.

How to Do Mini Twists

Installing mini twists is quite straightforward. All you need to do is arm yourself with:

  • Clips
  • A butter-based cream
  • A handheld mirror
  • A leave-in conditioner
  • A water bottle
  • Patience (and probably a Netflix show and a mocktail on the side)

Then follow this step-by-step installation guide:

1. Start with Freshly Cleansed Hair

You can do the style on freshly cleansed hair or stretched, dry hair (ideal for hair types that tangle easily).

2. Section out Your Strands

Based on the length and thickness of your strands, make sure to section your hair in four to six sections. Afterward, secure the hair with clips – right after applying a leave-in conditioner.

3. Start from the Back

Do the mini twists from the back. It helps prevent you from getting tired quickly. Moreover, finishing with the front can be relaxing for your hands.

4. Don’t Forget to Cleanse and Deep Condition

Yes, you can quickly wash mini twists – preferably once every week. This helps prevent product buildup and promotes healthy growth.

Deep conditioning is also a vital step to help keep your twists hydrated and sexy-looking.

5. Refresh Your Style

If you want your twists to serve you for the six recommended weeks, ensure you keep refreshing them. Also, make sure to moisturize them often and feed your scalp with scalp-soothing oils like peppermint, tea tree, and ylang-ylang.

6. Take Them Down

When six weeks are done, undo the mini twists and give your hair one to weeks of relaxation before rocking another protective style.

Now that you know all the impressive benefits of rocking mini twists, why not try them this season and enjoy hair growth like never before?



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And if you have any questions regarding this protective style, be sure to hit us up on our socials or down in the comment section.


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